1922 v-twin for sale

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Re: 1922 v-twin for sale

Postby adrie.degraaff » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:52 am

nevhunter wrote:Some veteran American bikes had the foot clutch backed up by one on the handle bars.

Post 1916 Ariels have that to, some 1931 Ariels have the footclutch as extra.

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Re: 1922 v-twin for sale

Postby nevhunter » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:03 am

Well then, you fellows will have no trouble riding this machine. Larger US bikes were all foot clutch in the 30's with NO backup. They had friction plates at the pedal pivot, you could adjust tension to make the clutch stay where you left it. These things are OK when you get used to them, (which takes a while). You can double declutch (like a truck) for down changing without grating the gears. You can pick good gear changers when you look in the gearbox after a bit of use. Nev

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Re: 1922 v-twin for sale

Postby Johnguppy » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:56 pm

I Have just joined AOMCC after being out of motorcycling for 15 years my 1930 Model B took me many miles during the time I road it , as I am now looking for a bike to ride and I need a side car so I can enjoy riding with my wife
As you can imagine I am looking everywhere , I called ref this bike and was told its sold but he gave me the number of another person who I was told has loads of V twins for sale , lets just say he told me that was my bike he told me he sold it lets say for the same price as a Model A 2 months ago
I personal don't agree what seems to have gone on in the VMCC as a new member we are all keen Motorcyclists , friends , and buddies , and we need to trade and sell amongst ourselves , passing on your bike to another who will love enjoy and when the time comes sadly pass it on to another friend
So hopefully I have found a 1930 Model B and as soon as I can find a sidecar I will be on the road again looking forward to meeting you all

If anyone finds themselves in East Sussex and I can help contact me

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