FOR SALE : 1937 VH

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Re: FOR SALE : 1937 VH

Postby Johannes » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:00 pm

Dear Paul Jameson,

I red with great pleasure Your lecture on PA speedos as of 2016.
Therefore, and, having a Type A speedo with 3360 flex speed,
I wonder if You could provide me with cross shaft and worm gear
2240 flex speed; a 100 mph face would be needed, too. (You mentioned
Your stock of those parts. The resp. KP speedo parts would fit as well,
but might produce even more difficulties to find, is'nt it?)

There is another problem furthermore: The inner main bearing shell
had'nt been fixed properly, and most bearing balls are lost therefore.
This might be the reason why my speedo never seems to be in use,
and was found in original box. Nay be I could get balls here, but it
would ease procedures if You have some.

thank You and best regards


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