W/NG - VH a.k.a. Burney

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W/NG - VH a.k.a. Burney

Postby Vincent.vanGinneke » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:01 pm

Here again, now without blurp on wheeling machines :

FOR SALE W/NG - VH 1942 - 1951 8750,- euro

1942 Ex RAF ARIEL W/NG with 1951 Red Hunter 500cc engine, 1946/51 Burman BA gearbox.
Steel flywheels, Alpha Bigend. R&M mainbearings : 2x bronze caged roller 1 x ball bearing.
Std. Hepolite piston, new valves / springs. A6/664 camshaft with oil level modification.
Burman BA 1951/1946 gearbox revised, new bearings. Prim.chain less then 1000Km. Secd.chain les then 3000Km.
23T engine sprocket 44T clutch sprocket, new kork in plates , new clutch centre. New chainwheels gearbox and rear wheel.
W/NG girder fully restored, new taperd legs and n.o.s. bushes & spindles by Jake Robbins, England.
Front and rear wheel N.O.S. Alloy brakeshoes with new linings.
Handlebar gear correct for period, solid brake/clutch levers,
Amal dual exh/mag lever, Amal choke lever, Amal twist grip, nos rubbers (from Egypt!)
Rubber handlebar mounting fitted with correct shaped new Tjech rubbers.
Battery box has 12V outlet for GPS.....ha!
Dutch ‘Koets’ saddle, on higher bracket and set back a few centimeters for better riding position.
Restored genuine Smiths WD chronometric.
Only 'but' is that I have not been able to source the correct gearing inside the Smiths frontwheel speedo gearbox
New Monobloc 389 with chromed slide.
Latest generation Alton 12V dynamo (that works!) with Podronics rectifier . Beck Elektronika 12V ignition.
Odyssey 12V battery. Altette with 12V Nippon claxon inside. Miller 6” headlamp (poss. Sarolea) with LED.
Rearlight original Lucas L 564 with Beck Elektronica LED .
All parts painted in 2K, both tanks 2K matt clear coating to protect transfers.

Most tinware genuine Ariel.. : - NO Indian repro parts fitted ! -
Own production :
Part No. 6155-35 : lower Altette bracket - Part No. 6170-37 : AVC cover - Part No. 4901-46 steering damper -
Part No. 1520-29 : Magnetic bolt sumpplate – rear number plate. Battery holder & strap.

After restoration under 3000km in 2017

Burney for sale  (17).JPG
Burney for sale  (8).JPG
Burney for sale  (7).JPG
Burney for sale  (1).JPG

Used this hero's number...
Pictures taken at Arromanches after D-Day landings.09.jpg

as you can see I could not bring myself to putting the letters on as wobbly as he has.....

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