1951 Mk1 for sale .. PX considered £2.5k leader or VB etc

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1951 Mk1 for sale .. PX considered £2.5k leader or VB etc

Postby Brian.Fosh » Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:36 pm

Well, I need the cash so I've put the Mk1 on ebay for £12,800.,


It has everything needed to make it showroom reliable to my own satisfaction, this bike left the factory Feb 5th 1951 and was sold through the Bradford dealer Charles Sidney. It is an eye-catcher for sure, and has a pleasing growl when it pulls away (so i'm told) ..Down to its high compression no doubt.

I'll still be needing a bike to get to the super-sausage on sundays. I'll consider a Part ex for c£2.5k, a Decent Ariel Leader in good running/useable order or maybe a 500 Ariel single or VB needing serious restoration.. A Leader is an odd bike for a confirmed four-stroker like me to hanker after but maybe its my age... but maybe some of you know I used to make & repair racing electronic ignitions for Yamaha TZ's.

send me a PM or ring me on 01908 316352 weekends or late evenings






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