Smiths PA2240 Speedo

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Smiths PA2240 Speedo

Postby BobDynes » Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:47 pm

Some of you will have seen my post on the general forum asking what this is. I had a rough idea but wanted to know more.

I believe this is from a 1936-41 SQ4 or Red Hunter (thanks to Paul for advising). As far as I can tell its not been used on a bike but has been literally knocking about in my late Dads garage for a long long time. There are a number of minor dents in the casing, a few very small chips in the face and a slight bend in the bezel. All are easily ignored or repaired I'd say though.

It works in so far as I can tell by running the drive very gently. Calibration wise I have no idea whether its near or miles off as I've not got the time to check it and don't want to run it any more than necessary (apparently the grease may have dried out internally).

I'd much prefer that any potential buyer comes to get it so they can look at it themselves and also to avoid the potential for it to get lost en route. I'm based near Newbury, Berkshire.

Sensible offers by PM please - I have been advised on its value so have a reasonable idea :)

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