Used Sq4 pistons

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Used Sq4 pistons

Postby Knud.Degnbol » Tue May 12, 2020 11:34 am

Many years ago, when I restored my cast iron Sq4, I decided to reline the cylinders back to original size. Since then I have had on my shelf a set of usedd pistons in a big oversize; about 67,4 mm.
I took measures of them in 2 directions. They are coming here: Nr1: 67,29 - 67,39. Nr2: 67,30 - 67,40. Nr3: 67,25 -67,37. Nr4: 67,29 - 67,39.
Can anone use them, and what is the value of them? They are in Denmark and I am willing to send them to most places.

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