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Ariel Spares for Sale - Last Update July 2019

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:10 pm
by admin
** this thread/topic is managed by Pete Collings and will be updated by him. Please email Pete directly on **
** Prices for parts are included in the word documents attached**

The lists below contain a selection of Ariel spares for sale. They are listed as in New or Very Good condition (NVG), or as in Used condition (U). The date of the last updateis shown. Please do look in the attached DOC files for prices/further details about the parts.

Where appropriate, the Ariel part number is supplied, with a brief description of the part. The part number is taken from my Ariel Motors parts lists, and is believed to be correct for the part specified. However, if you are uncertain or want more information, please contact me for additional details (and photo if appropriate). Please ensure the parts are suitable for your purposes before purchase, as exchange is not possible. The parts are listed alphabetically by description.

Email contact via Do not use the AOMCC forum private messaging service, due to the limited space available for messages (NB. I will always try to reply promptly to enquiries, but some service providers may block emails from hotmail addresses. If no reply, email again and I will use another provider to reply.)

Please be aware that I do not have additional parts beyond those listed, and although I will update the list as all the spares are catalogued or sold, I cannot provide a service to source those scarce spares you have been looking for over the last decade!
All items are priced, but do not include packaging and delivery charges. These will be provided for the part(s) ordered, please specify if faster delivery is required. Parts are despatched using the UK Post Office service, with a certificate of posting obtained on despatch. Delivery is at the risk of the purchaser. I am selling parts as a private individual, and thus all parts are priced and sold without any guarantee. The buyer accepts these conditions when ordering parts.

Payment must be in Pounds Sterling. Please note that I now accept Pay Pal, but as yet do not supply bank details, payment is by cash notes, money order or cheque drawn on a UK based bank. If paying by cheque, a few days are allowed for the banks to process the payment.
I will post items to Europe (EU members), but not other overseas destinations, and will limit the total weight of items sent to the maximum of airmail or surface mail sent by the UK postal service (currently 2Kg). Any import charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

The date that each list was last updated is shown, so check that any download is current.


I have some overhauled (but not fully reconditioned) dynamos, MO1magnetos and K2F magnetos, some magnetos spark and some do not, some complete and some partially complete, some suitable for Ariels and some for other makes, availability and price varies, so email for further details. If sparking, they have not been road tested, so do not fit and set off on a long trip before a test run! Due to the weight, I will only post to a UK address, unless the buyer makes arrangements for collection.

LAST UPDATE 14.07.19

Camshaft bush inner
Camshaft bush outer
Camshaft twin lobe (F type) c/w pinion
Cylinder head (iron) carb studs
Engine bolt spacers (various, each)
Engine sprocket 19T
Engine sprocket 20T
Engine sprocket sliding member
Engine sprocket spring plate
Oil pump early type
Oil pump late type
NG flywheels and conrod (early type, no crankpin)
NH pushrod tubes (pair)
Pushrod tunnel rubber oil seal (pair)
Pushrod tunnel rubber oil seal (set of 4)
VH pushrod tube (single)
VH +020 oil ring
VH STD Reclaim ring set (BSA M20)
VH Reclaim top ring oversize (BSA M20)

LAST UPDATE 22.04.19

Cam follower set
Conrod bolt castellated nuts (2)
Conrod bolt locknuts (4)
Crankcase breather
Crankshaft pinion
Dynamo strap one piece
Piston (low compression, STD bore)
Piston ring set std
Piston rings loose
Rocker arms inlet
Valves inlet (price is for each)
Valve guide set (4 off iron guides)
Valve guide
Valve spring bottom collar

ARIEL CLUTCH & GEARBOX SPARES - All gearbox parts are for a GB gearbox (1952-59) unless otherwise stated
LAST UPDATE 22.04.19

Cam plunger
Clutch adjusting sleeve cap with screws
Clutch operating lever
Clutch spring plate
Clutch pushrod ball bearing
Drain plug
Foot change lever rubber
GB short mainshaft (AJS type)
GB gears (each)
GB gears (NVG quality)
Gear cluster (8 gears)
Gearbox sprocket 19T
Gearchange spindle
Inner cover c/w speedo drive
Kickstart case cover locating piece
Mainshaft nut kickstart end
Mainshaft bearing kickstart end
Mainshaft sleeve c/w cage/rollers
Mainshaft sleeve (bare)
Outer cover bare
Return spring
Selector drum/Cam assembly
Sleeve gear bearing
Speedo drive assy
Sprocket nut

OTHER ARIEL SPARES - [FWH - Full Width Hub (1956-59), HWH - Half Width Hub (Pre 1956)]
LAST UPDATE 14.07.19

Arrow/Leader crankcase/barrel stud
FWH abutment for brake cable (BSA type)
FWH brake cam
FWH brake arm
FWH brake wedge and peg (pair)
FWH brake shoe adjuster
FWH brake arm and spindle/cam
FWH bell crank lever
Gearbox top stud stainless nuts (pair)
HWH cable adjuster assy
HWH fork slider (non brake side)
KH piston
Pivoting Kickstart arm top piece
Steering lock (no key)
Swinging arm bush spacer
Wheel spokes and nipples (each)
Waterslide transfers (each)

LAST UPDATE 22.04.19

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:45 am
by kevin michael
hello ,would like the brake plate and brake wedge and pegs,these are listed on the,other ariel spares, part of the list, I have a 53 sq4, im not sure what the abbreviation fwh is and whether these are suitable, would you perhaps know if these would fit, cheers kevin m

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:28 am
by pete.collings
Hi Kevin I have emailed you separately, but for anyone else unsure FWH means full width hub, as fitted 1956-59, and HWH means half width hub, fitted prior to 1956.

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:33 pm
by pete.collings
I plan to be at the Annual rally on Friday and Saturday, so if you are going have a look at the lists (which are updated as parts arrive/are sold) to see if there is anything you need.

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale - Last Update September 2017

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:14 pm
by pete.collings
During the summer I purchased an alloy Ariel single and a lot of spares from the estate of a club member who passed away last year. I have in the subsequent months been sorting through the spares to decide what to keep as reserve spares for the purchased bike, what needs to be assembled/repaired/completed, and what is surplus to my needs. I have taken the spares to various autojumbles over the summer (including the annual rally at Lowestoft), but have now attempted to update my lists as above to reflect what is available. The late club member was into trials, so there are some HT parts in a new list, but as I don't have a lot of experience of HTs, please feel free to ask any questions about the listed parts. I now also have some more MO1 and K2F magnetos, some complete and some only partially complete, althougth not all the MO1s are to Ariel specification.

Do have a new look at the updated lists, there may be a few more parts to add as I continue to go through the parts to identify them and assess their condition. In general, they will be mostly for postwar swingarm bikes, although there are a few Plunger/Rigid bits.

Please feel free to email me with any questions about parts and availability, and I will try to help wherever possible.

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale - Last Update September 2017

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:04 pm
by Simonjones
Hi Pete. Can I have the GB gearbox spindle 3718-52 please if still available.
Cheers Simon

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale - Last Update September 2017

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:17 pm
by pete.collings
Hi Simon. I can help, please contact me via the email at the top of this listing for further details.
Regards Pete

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale - Last Update September 2017

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:52 pm
by keith wainwright
Have you still got the fwh for sale if so would like it. Keith

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale - Last Update September 2017

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:44 pm
by pete.collings
Hi Keith. Some misunderstanding, I had only put the FWH and HWH as an explanation of the abbreviations, as someone had previously asked what they meant. I don't have any complete hubs, onlt the parts listed.
I have moved the explanation to the section header to hopefully make the meaning clearer.

Re: Ariel Spares for Sale - Last Update February 2018

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:04 pm
by RussellFernandes
Hi Pete,

I've sent you a mail..

Please check