Sloper BAPDH four speed 1931/2 gear box or parts

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Sloper BAPDH four speed 1931/2 gear box or parts

Postby Clive.Jones » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:22 pm

Hello there,

BAPDH four speed 1931/2 gear box or parts for a 1931 Sloper SG31 Ariel

I have recently bought an SG 31 sloper all the way from South Africa. Life is reasonable.... however it is missing its gear box.
The sloper gear box main case is different to later boxes. The adjuster pin to move the gearbox backwards and forwards( to adjust the primary chain) is in front of the top locating bolt of the gear box, where as with later gearboxes this adjuster is behind the top gearbox locating bolt.
While anything is possible a later box can be made to fit..... with an awful lot of work. The gear box plates need to be altered/made new and the main shaft needs extensive mods to get it to function properly with the sloper clutch. As this is a difficult route to take, I thought there may be a correct gear box out there needing a new home!!!!!
Many thanks,

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