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Arrow/Leader Owners' Guide

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:03 pm
by Bob.Murphy
I was at the Scottish Bike Show today and got talking to Steve Brown who has a large collection of original and re-printed manuals for a variety of makes.

While talking to him I spotted an original Owners Guide for the Arrow/Leader (dated 1964). Its the original item, complete with grubby finger marks!

I bought it (£10- :shock: ).

Arrow-Leader Owners Guide-1.jpg

Arrow-Leader Owners Guide-2.jpg

I don't have an Ariel 2-stroke so if anyone wants this I'll pass it on for what I paid, otherwise it will go into the "Bike Library" in the lounge :lol: .

Steve has very nice reprints of the Workshop Manual for the Leader / Arrow so if you need one have a look at his web site and give him a call:

BSAManuals flyer-1.jpg

BSAManuals Flyer-2.jpg

I have no connection with this organisation, just passing on information.