anyone help ?

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anyone help ?

Postby admin » Sat May 23, 2020 2:15 pm

Message sent to you follows

Way back when I was 17, I purchased an Arial 500 twin from a secondhand
dealer in Elizabeth Street Melbourne Victoria. I am now trying to identify
what model it was. I have the feeling it was about a 1954 or so Red Hunter
(KHA). It had a rear and centre stand, telescopic forks, ammeter in the
headlight, square four wheels, a new black dual seat (I think it came off a
Triumph) and a fluted tank (flutes were chrome). I was told some years
later that it was a rare bike, given it had an aluminium engine. The rear
had plunger style shock absorbers (only from a vague memory). It had the
word "Arial" emblazoned on the tank in yellow paint (no badge). The left
centre foot stand was attached to the frame through a hole in the primary
chain cover. It also had a front crash bar that saved me from serious
damage a couple of times. I managed to buy it because, apparently the
mechanic who repaired bikes in this dealership didn't know that the little
ball bearing he had left out of the clutch spares sitting in a tray needed
to be pushed down the clutch rod race. After a few near misses trying to
pull it up, I finally worked it out.
I loved that bike and now have written a biography of my escapades over the
years and want to add some photos, including the type of bike it was in
those early days. On that score, I was hoping your organisation may be able
to help me out with information?
John Nash

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Re: anyone help ?

Postby adrie.degraaff » Sun May 24, 2020 6:02 am

From your info i would make it late 1953 KHA but the fluted tank could be a mix unless it had a swinging arm at the rear.

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