VH tank from India

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VH tank from India

Postby Vincent.vanGinneke » Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:29 am

Hi folks,

Took the plunge and ordered a 1953 VH tank ('raw' that is no chrome) from India.
Very helpfull guy at the other end of the e-mail line, his name is Parvinder Ahuja aka 'Sunny' .
It took me some time to explain what I wanted exactly and I send him several photo's of the tanktype that I want, now all is underway,
Dont have the tank, yet.....fingers crossed!
I ordered what is called on Ebay a 'Ariel twin plunger model petrol tank raw' but one without the hole for the oil gauge.
A twin tank without the hole for the oil gauge makes it a 1953 VH tank. (this is the last ridgid/plunger frame model and is deeper -holds more fuel- then the '50>'52 models)
I ordered a no chrome one (raw) as '53 VH had no chrome and if anything is wrong with the tank mountings (I read in another topic that only 3 tankholes where in line) I can change that easely.
The Arieltanks you find on Ebay are some SQ4 models with panels and also the KG-KH tank with the hole for a oil gauge.
Apparently they have a 'stock' of original Ariel tanks so you have to explain exactly what you want and Parvinder goes looking.
I know now that they have the WNG and '51 VH originals and perhaps more, just ask & explain by sending him pictures.
On Ebay I found the companys 'Vintageconnexions' 'Royal Crusaders' and Scootershop' , these are all owned by his family .
Most of the stuff they sell is for Enfield but they make petroltanks and some mudguards for BSA and Norton 16H too.
Tank + postage to Holland costs 195,- Euro add the customs and vat it comes to 260,- Euro.
To be continued...........


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