Handlebars - SQ4 Mark I

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Handlebars - SQ4 Mark I

Postby DaveH » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:53 am

Hello all,

I'm into the later stages of assembling my 1952 Square Four, and installed the handlebars which came with the bike. No problems there, but on fitting the front brake lever I find the cable is aimed right at the side of the alloy cowl holding the speedometer. It's also quite close, so the cable has to be routed with a sharp bend to run beneath the cowling - this introduces enough friction into the works to prevent the cable from springing back after brake application.

I suspect the root of this problem is incorrect bars - too short, too low and/or the wrong bend angle. Mine are 25" end-to-end in a straight line; pic attached. Happily Draganfly lists correct bars; unhappily they have no stock.

So, can anyone tell me, re. the original bars,

- overall length, and any other dimensions?
- a source for original-spec bars or something reasonably close?



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