Girder Fork Overhaul

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Girder Fork Overhaul

Postby GuyH » Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:51 pm

I recently collected two sets of girder forks which I’d sent to Paul MacDougall in Marford near Wrexham for overhaul. One set was from a 1910 Humber and the other from a 1914 New Hudson (sorry no Ariels this time!). They were completed in a couple of weeks, new spindles were made out of the correct steel, the spindle holes were bored and new bushes made, inserted and line reamed. The job was absolutely spot on. He also alloy welded a set of very fragile 99 year old crank-cases for me and they are now perfect. The service was quick, accurate and very reasonably priced.

Paul is a top flight engineer who is branching out into providing engineering services for veteran, vintage and classic bikes. He can be contacted on 01244 570807. His email address is
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