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Description of Part Part No Price Condition Comments
Chainwheel £7.00 U Earlier type, 44 tooth
Clutch adjusting sleeve cap 3785-52 £2.00 U Bare cap, 2 available
Clutch operating lever 3770-52 £6.00 U C/W adjuster nut
Clutch pushrod ball bearing £0.05 NVG New 5/16" ball bearing, 20 available
Drain plug 3669-52 £1.50 U Two available
GB short mainshaft £15.00 U These are type fitted to AJS GB boxes, 2 available
GB Mainshaft Ariels 1952-55 3630-52 £35.00 NVG Not for FERC type gearbox
GB gears (each) £5.00 U fair number of gears of most types, ask for availability
GB Sleeve gear 3638-52 £18.00 U Another with some pitting at £8
GB gear cluster £50.00 NVG 8 gears including sleeve gear, used but generally good
GB outer cover (bare) £10.00 U Fair condition
Gearchange spindle 3718-52 £13.00 U A little wear but splines OK, c/w spring
Kickstart case cover locator 3623-52 £1.00 U
Kickstart return spring 3335-48 £7.50 U
Layshaft 3657-52 £15.00 NVG 3 available
Quadrant 3716-52 £4.00 U
Selector drum/Cam assembly 3705-52 £5.00 U Another at £4, slight marking on outer cover shaft
Selector fork pair (one piece) £15.00 U Later type, top and bottom shafts, some marking
Selector fork 3733-52 £6.00 U Fitted on SF spindle (3736-52), 1952-54 gearboxes only
Speedometer drive bush/spindle £10.00 U Good condition
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