Original build sheet

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Paul Ellwood
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Original build sheet

Postby Paul Ellwood » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:28 am

Hi All
Can anyone HELP. I am trying to track down the build sheet for my Arial 4g Reg- KFO 365 1953. It is registered with DVLA but they think it's a 1995 my Email paul.ellwood@hotmail.co.uk.
Paul Ellwood

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Re: Original build sheet

Postby Simon.Gardiner » Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:42 pm

My '56 swing-arm has date of reg as 1983 'cos that's when I got it re-registered, with the reg no it came with, never having had any of the proper reg docs.
That 1983 date is th eonly one that shows on the current registration docs but the DVLA do have 1956 as the build date inside the rest of the computer records and I don't have any probs with tax or MOT exemption.
So....have they got 1995 as the date of registration or the build date??
(If you need official authentication with the factory build details you'll need to follow the procedures to get a dating certificate from either the Vintage Club or the Ariel Club; if you just want to check for your own information there are date code details for engine and frame numbers - and gearboxes - on the Drags web site)

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