881 BAM 1963 Leader.

Who has my old bike ? Pictures of your old bikes etc
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881 BAM 1963 Leader.

Postby terryedmondson » Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:20 pm

It's been mine now for over 27 years. Just thought I'd post up if someone knows anything about it. It was a Bristol bike. ;)

ian williams
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Re: 881 BAM 1963 Leader.

Postby ian williams » Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:35 am

hi Terry ;
that may be a swindon or wiltshire bike with the AM suffix .

i have a 1963 puch cheetah which is 993BAM and i live near swindon and the local registrations used to use AM MR MW and i think WV and maybe others . .
my 65 triumph T10 scooter is GMR311D again from swindon .

i have a very late sports arrow in bits at present that came from a local fella and was a chippenham wilts bike but dont have the number to hand at present as its tucked away behind some junk .

at some point the county boundaries were moved around in many places and so it might be your bike was registered in wiltshire but the county name is now different .

it happened in oxfordshire near me where some of the area used to be berkshire .

i have a sept 58 leader which is 669DJO and this is its original oxfordshire registration number and also a 1922 carfield which is BW7022 and its original oxfordshire reg number .

hope you get some more history sorted out on your ariel .

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