RLO 827 1954 VH

Who has my old bike ? Pictures of your old bikes etc
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RLO 827 1954 VH

Postby John.Kennewell » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:25 pm

I ran this old beast, 'The Brown Hunter' (it started Claret, but the sun got at it!), during the 70's/80's and again in the mid to late 90's, after which it went in a part-exchange deal to the late George Pollard of Dinnington in May 1999.
George moved it on, but whether within the UK or abroad, I don't know.

John Grew of Steyning, owned the bike before me and, in fact, converted it from an NH to VH with the installation of a 500 motor. Maybe it's an 'age thing' but John's getting a twinge that he'd really like to know what might have become of the old thing..............and I guess he's set me off too!

DVLA profess no record at all, but I know for sure the bike was on their database after I parted with it as a letter to me from DVLA in May 1999 enquiring about the bike and whether I was still the Registered Keeper, shows that they were aware of it.
That said, they have no record of it now, not SORN, scrapped, exported or anything, and the number has not been transferred to another vehicle.

It's a long shot, but I just wondered if the old fella was languishing in someone's shed, or even parts of him!
Frame number DU7870 and Engine number LC1192, in case either are under your bench!

Any info gratefully received, and a couple of old blokes would be considerably happier!.

Many thanks,
John K.

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