A trip to Applecross

pictures (or stories) of hideous injuries sustained by your ariel
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A trip to Applecross

Postby charles.bulloch » Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:28 pm

Monday. Fit speedometer repaired by MR CHRONOMETRIC after failing at three miles after first repair. Solder copper washer on to 3/8 BSP plumbing fitting to allow me to fit MZ petrol tap. See picture of Ariel ready to roll.

Tuesday. Set off for the 230 miles to Applecross. Go 133 miles to just past Fort William. Bike goes at 130mph. So says the speedo. Fill up at Cluanie Inn. Ride a mile. Bike konks out. Petrol tap has vibrated shut. Ride to top of the Pass of the Cattle. Ewarts tap is p***ing petrol. Not so good with a nearly full tank. Wrap insulating tape round the plunger. Reach Applecross camp site. Nick runs the site and owns an Ariel. He gives me his fuel tap. Thank you very much heroic sir.
Wednesday. Nick's fuel tap not so good. Scrounge bottle corks from the pub. Remove plungers from Ewarts tap and fill holes with cork. Seal everything up with self amalgamating tape. Thanks, Findlay. Note to self. Never use a cork sealed fuel tap again.
Thursday. All is dry. Ride 230 miles home. Fill with fuel at Cluanie again. Drop bike. Ouch.
Friday. Fit MZ fuel tap.


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Re: A trip to Applecross

Postby robjameson » Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:44 am

Well worth it. Apple cross pass is one of the greatest roads in the country.
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