the Ariel square 4s return - 20months later

pictures (or stories) of hideous injuries sustained by your ariel
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Re: the Ariel square 4s return - 20months later

Postby MARK.WALSH » Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:15 pm

Thanks for all the words of encouragement chaps.
although I'm limited in my ability to ride due to the leg problem, the Ariel is relatively comfortable.
So far I have covered about 20miles as I test her out and cure small problems like a little bit of hunting on the idle. I have had her up to 50mph but there is a degree of hesitation at about 45mph which I reckon is the bob weights on the advance retard unit - but this is a minor problem.
I had forgotten how much I enjoyed riding this old bike and why, but its such a doddle to start up and just get on and ride compared to the rigmarole I have to go through with my singles or twin. It has certainly put a long deserved smile on my face, and now I hope the bike can hang together long enough for me to get fixed and ride it properly
All the best

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