piston problems

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piston problems

Postby david.anderson » Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:21 am

The 2019 AAR annual rally was held from the 22 to 24 March. I loaned bikes to 2 people and rode my trusty 57VH.
Problem 1. I get a phone call that my 49VH has lost compression. I arranged a back up trailer and told the rider to collect my other 57VH.
Problem 2. I am told that the speedo on my 2nd 57VH has stopped working part way through the Saturday run. A quick check showed it is not the speedo cable. The speedo has only done 2500 miles since a costly rebuild.
Problem 3. I am told the stainless carrier on the loaned 57VH has broken. Two of the uprights have broken straight through.
Problem 4. A friend who was marshalling for us had his battery die. It was only a week old. I pointed to my square 4 which was on loan to another rider and said, the battery in that bike is undersize and it is 6 years old. That must have been like waving a red flag before a bull. The battery died about 20km from the finish of the Sunday ride. The rider managed to get a start and ride it the remainder of the journey. I hope the Bennet alternator is ok.
Monday night I stripped the 49VH. The top had come off the piston with a clean break around the oil ring area. The only sign of the oil ring was a small slither that was held under the exhaust valve. Only very minor damage to the bore, but any damage is of course the end of the bore. So a new piston and re bore and new valves with a complete engine strip will have to follow.
I thought rallies were supposed to be fun. Certainly an event to remember.



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