Fuel pipe solder nipple angle

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Re: Fuel pipe solder nipple angle

Postby LuisPaz » Mon Dec 09, 2019 2:21 pm

Mike Nash wrote:Thank you Luis for the pictures. I've acquired a Myford from the widow of an old friend and late in life am learning turning. A simple job supported by a few pictures which explain all are encouraging.
Regards from MikeN.

Hi mike, thank you!

It would have been an easier job if I could improve the sharpening of cutting tools. I'm still novice in sharpening....

paul.jameson wrote:Luis,

I would advise making the nipple from brass. It is easier to solder on to the pipe and being softer than steel, the taper seals more easily.

This is brass Paul!

JohnnyBeckett wrote:don't make the fitting a tight fit on the pipe or the solder will not flow in to the fitting

Thanks for your advice! I'll keep it in mind!
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Re: Fuel pipe solder nipple angle

Postby JohnnyBeckett » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:00 pm

i use a good power flux what you use for pluming heat the fitting up and you will see the solder suck in make sure to use plenty of flux on pipe and fitting before you start to heat it up do the soldering then wen it is cold give it a wash and clean and if it leaks at tap use valve paste to lap the fitting and tap in to stop it leaking

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