Type 6 carburettor needle jet sizes

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Type 6 carburettor needle jet sizes

Postby Pete.Silson » Mon Aug 31, 2020 5:25 pm

My iron VH is fitted with an Amal 89 carb and has run a tad rich mid-thottle since I got it back on the road so I am trying to sort out the carburation.

The needle is right down to the top notch and it is still a bit lumpy so I checked the needle jet and found it was 107 rather than the standard 106. Thinking I had found the problem I borrowed a standard 106 needle jet from a spare 286 carb however the physical sizes of the two jets and needles seem to be different (top is the one from the 289).


So my questions are:
    1) Are 89 and 289 jets physically different sizes? I thought the parts were interchangeable between the two types.
    2) Which is the correct needle and jet combination for an 89?
The carb I have fitted is an 89B/1AK which is off an AJS model 18 according to my Amal catalogue and is 1-3/32" rather than the standard VH 1-1/8" but I wouldn't have thought this will affect the mid-range jetting significantly.

Advice from those in the know please.


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Re: Type 6 carburettor needle jet sizes

Postby RalphM » Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:43 pm

If you go onto Dragonfly's web site there's a list of carb settings,
https://www.draganfly.co.uk/index.php/a ... ir-filters

Also Amal do a repair kit that includes gaskets needle clip needle jet and jet, you specify the jet and needle
jet you want.

I have a NG so dont know the settings for your bike but mine was running rich with a sooty plug, after fitting
new needle and jets it now runs much better with a light brown plug color

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