Burman kickstart lever

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Burman kickstart lever

Postby john.mitchell » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:50 am

I have been asked by a member to identify a Kickstart lever. He believes it was purchased by his brother (now dead) for a Sq4. Unusual in the days of Digital cameras, he has produced a meticulous drawing. Looking at some of the drawings in the Parts books, I couldn't find an identical one though I looks to be from a GB box. Come on you real anoraks!
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Re: Burman kickstart lever

Postby malcolm.johnson » Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:42 pm

I am quite interested in the outcome of this enquiry. I have just completed the rebuild of my 1947 rigid/teles 4g and getting the right hand exhaust system to clear both the rear stand and the exhaust, can only be achieved by the silencer outlets not being equi-distant from the rear wheel. Not by much, say less than 12mm, but looking from the rear it does not look correct. The wheel alignment is correct. I have pictures of a very similar bike, but a 1948 model 4g and rigid/teles, with exactly the same shape kickstart as the one so beautifully drawn. This shape would solve my problem, giving me clearance to move the exhaust out a bit and even up the visual appearance, without the kickstart clipping the exhaust. My project came with a new? or rechromed existing kickstart lever that has a straight shaft that is slightly angled outwards, when fitted. Frustratingly I also have pictures of another 1947 rigid/teles with just such a lever as mine.
Is my right hand exhaust shaped slightly incorrectly.... suppose it could be the left hand one at fault, but I cannot move this in over any more as it is nearly touching the clutch cover now? Alternatively have I got the wrong lever? ........or am I fussing about nothing?

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