So it begins

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Re: So it begins

Postby T.J.Falloon » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:23 am

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your reply. I have considered all of those options and am in the process of making a new gasket just in case the new one I fitted for some reason is not doing it's job properly. I know I have put all the crank plugs in, as I went over them about 4 times to make sure before assembling the engine. I tapped the oil pressure relief valve home on it's seat which is the recommended method of seating.

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Re: So it begins

Postby GuyWalton » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:54 pm

When you had it running did you look in the oil tank to see if the oil is returning . I have recently started my 51 sq4 for the first time and have a Morgo filter and pump fitted i first of all watched for oil to return which was relatively quick , had put 1/2 pint in sump as well as bled the pump . My oil pressure was way high I would say 120 on the gauge if it went up that far but after a few minutes went down to 60 . I think my problem is that i used a new ball bearing and spring that was difficult to install i think maybe my spring is too strong but will fiddle with it later when i have my tank back from the painters and fit the correct oil gauge .

Did you use the correct size ball bearing in the end of the crank shaft before the spring . I think , from memory , mine was 3/16 inch .
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Re: So it begins

Postby john.whiting » Sat Oct 05, 2019 2:53 am

If you have checked everything,next step is to install a hand pump into an oil point somewhere on the pressure side,and see if there is indeed no pressure,that is no resistance to pumping.........

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Re: So it begins

Postby paul.jameson » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:17 pm

Take the rocker box cover off and pour a pint of oil in so that it flows into the sump. The flywheels will dip in it, splash it about and so prevent any damage while you test run the engine.

In the following order:
Check that you have the oil pipes connected the correct way round.
Make sure that the oil pipe from the tank to the feed side of the pump is full of oil - slackening off the oil pump nuts till oil flows from behind the pump will do this.
Take the spark plugs out.
Take out the oil pressure relief valve from the front crankshaft and with the crankshaft end cover cap removed, kick over the engine to see if oil emerges from the front crank. You will need to kick for quite some time to fill the oilways so enlist the assistance of a younger member of the family if necessary for this purpose.
When oil comes out of the front crank, replace the pressure relief valve and crankshaft end cover cap and start the engine. Within a minute or so, you should have oil pressure. Until then, the oil in the sump will prevent any damage.
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