Convoy lamp

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Convoy lamp

Postby PeterW » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:48 pm

I have just realised a long held ambition to own a W/NG by purchasing John H's bike. Only taken it out a couple of times so far but I have to say its a lovely bike and a credit to him.

The only obvious job that needed doing was fixing the convoy light - it was a repro item and the 2nd to fall apart. My other bike is a 1950ish 350 Red Hunter in "green lane" trim that I had fitted with a repro Lucas MT211. Looking at it I realised it was the same bore but a different fitting. So - bodge time...
I removed the three bayonet tabs and added a couple of slots to accommodate the wire fastening. Sadly after trying it I realised it was not quite deep enough and was pressing on the end of the bulb. For mounting mk2 I remembered reading that the originals apparently had more rubber weather protection so I fashioned a sleeve from an hold trowel handle lurking under the bench and found that it fitted snuggly over the lamp cover and its base, and under the original rubber seal. Its not exactly original but my father worked in an MT section and, as he said he did whatever was necessary to get them out the door, I guess he'd approve at least.

Of course that left the other bike with a bare bulb. John had given me an old Wipac light that came with the WNG when he bought it. The Red Hunter had come with an identical unit but I hadn't fitted it because they have single filament bulb-holders. Thankfully half an hour with various drills, files & pop-rivets and the old MT211 fitting squeezed into the Wipac body - still not "right" for the bike but at least its age appropriate.

A quick spin round the town to test and neither have fallen off so I'm happy. Now I need some army paint to tidy things up.

Double rubber mounted convoy lamp

Double filament Wipac lamp

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Re: Convoy lamp

Postby Steven.Carter » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:33 am

Well done Peter you'll have a great fun with your W/NG.
There's a part of John's rear convoy light still embedded in the front of my W/NG . Bits of it flew off just as I was getting close to him doing 70mph along the M27! In the end one of my valves seized and I didn't seem him again. He's not normaly a fast rider but when it's dark and he can't see the speedo he's off :D
Here's a couple of pictures back in 2014 in France for the 70th Anniversary of D Day

2014-06-06 12.43.00-1.jpg

2014-06-06 17.29.01-1.jpg

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