WNG long twistgrip

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WNG long twistgrip

Postby alan.moore » Fri May 24, 2019 2:22 pm

Looking at period pics the WNG twistgrip it is quite a bit longer than the standard Amal type. I have read on another forum that they were 7" long (inc the housing) compared to 5 1/2 for the normal one you see, and the photos seem to bear this out. The extra length is present whether it has a rubber grip or the later canvas one. The 'dummy' grip on the left side is also longer than normal, about 6 inches compared to 4 1/2 normal.

Looking at the parts books the dummy grip 6430K-39 is the same part number for the WNG AND the 1939 singles meaning the singles must also have had the longer grips fitted ?.

The twistgrip assembly is 6430-40 for the WNG and 6430-39 for the singles. I am assuming the difference is because the WNG did not have a chrome plated housing but could be wrong?

The 1944 WNG parts book gives an Amal part number for the twistgrip 16/117C....the C I think is for canvas. It is still the long version as shown in the bottom image of an original 1944 WNG. There are 16/117’s listed on Ebay but they are the short ones.

I have tried Drags, they list a 6430-40 for WNG but theirs is 5 inches long, as is their 6430-39 (same parts) listed a superseded so not the original spec.

So...does anyone have any leads on where I can get a longer twistgrip? I saw a NOS with canvas grip went for £102 on Ebay earlier this year !!

ats wng 1.jpg

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1944 canvas

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Re: WNG long twistgrip

Postby dave.owen » Fri May 24, 2019 4:26 pm

Try Stuart Bray, he lists a lot of wd parts.
And deals in ex wd bikes.

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Re: WNG long twistgrip

Postby nevhunter » Sat May 25, 2019 12:18 am

That part number goes right back to the 40 models .I can't see a problem lengthening the shorter one. Does anyone have the dimensions of both.? Nev

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