Tiny W/NG, Big Pillion Rider or summat else?

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Tiny W/NG, Big Pillion Rider or summat else?

Postby Mike Gott » Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:43 pm

I took the following picture on Douglas Head during this year's Annual. Anyone who knows my wife Louise will know that she's a whole 5' 0" tall and 7 stone dry, so how come my 1941 W/NG seems to have shrunk?

The W/NG was in the back of the shed awaiting an engine overhaul when it was called upon at the last minute to transport us to the Annual following a fault with our NH's gearbox. (If the W/NG had't been usable, we would have been on the LE Velo. I can just image climbing two-up past Guthrie's....) Apart from using a bit of oil it gave good account of itself. Anyone who went to the old Lancs Branch Trials may remember it in trials mode as one of the "common user" bikes made available, it was in those days owned by Steve Sullivan. Somewhere I have a video of Ray Nunn falling off it. I bought it in 2002 and put it back into some semblance of Army mode with it's service number calculated roughly from info supplied by Ralph Hawkins, though it lacks the prop stand fittings, removed when it was made into a trials bike - and I've never tracked down the second toolbox. It was supplied to the Army at Chilwell Stores, Nottingham, on 10/02/41. It is now the predictable mix and match of different years parts - tin timing cover, later footrests and carrier, offset speedometer and solid clamp for the bars. But......it performs well with a NH cam, piston and oil pump, 1" carb (as original, I believe) and, like I said, did us proud on The Island. Louise also deserves a medal for spending 5 days on the pillion.


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