RAF W/NG Dutch Squadron

Period (wartime) pictures of W/NG's in action
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RAF W/NG Dutch Squadron

Postby Vincent.vanGinneke » Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:06 pm

1944, on the W/NG Harry Hack , one of the others was called Van Veen, third one unknown.
Very intersting story is here, http://www.holywellhousepublishing.co.u ... shoop.html
Mr. Hack was one of the 3 Dutch students who 'hijacked' a lifeguard boat in the harbor of Scheveningen on the 14th of may 1940 .
With 46 persons (very overloaded) they managed to escape to England.

The W/NG parts list in the topic about the tool roll was his.
Picture was taken at a South England RAF base. Dutch MLD 320 Squadron (MLD : Militaire Luchtvaart Dienst)
the Ariel went with him to airbase Melsbroek, Belgium and later to Germany , Fliegerhorst Achmer.
His son, who gave me this picture and information assumes the Ariel was left behind in Germany after the end of the war as by then it was pretty worn out and only servicable stuff went back to England.

1944 midden Dhr. Hack RAF MLD 320 Squadron.jpg

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