another car video.

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another car video.

Postby chaz.wheeler » Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:42 pm

jumping on the band wagon of car videos, what does this have to do with the Ariel Owners Club?
our little unit is in the corner of the yard. housing a couple of sq 4 motors and a VH500 to restore and if any of you knew our dearly departed landlord you will see him wandering around the Nash in his trademark flt cap and grey beard... miss you Mike previous owner of Sq4, 2x VH500, and a Huntmaster for good measure.

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Re: another car video.

Postby Bob.Murphy » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:54 am

Nice! Fraser Nashes were chain driven hence they were referred to as "The Chain Gang" :) .

Back in 1970 I was in Ramsey, IOM with my Square Four when a fellah came out of a shop with his shopping and said "Ah, a Square Four, I've got one of those, do you want to see it?".

Silly question, so I followed him home . . Through enormous iron gates . . Down a long drive . . to a mansion. This was Milntown Manor, ancient seat of the Christian family - of Fletcher Christian of the 'Bounty' fame.

My host was Bob Thomas, Chairman of the IOM Section of the VMCC, and what a collection of bikes and cars he had :shock: .

Amongst them was the Fraser Nash that Stirling Moss and Dennis Jenkinson had driven in the mille migula of 195x. What a beautiful car 8-) .

Bob had a 1936 Iron Head 1000 Square. It was missing an oil pressure gauge. I found one at the VMCC Somerset Section Autojumble and took it to Bob the following year.

Whilst there, I was introduced to a tall, gaunt lady who was hoeing onions, she was Marjory Cottle :o . She was amazed that a 24-year-old had heard of her and her successes as Female Sidecar Trials Champion in the '30s. Back then it paid to read "Motorcycle Sport" from cover to cover :lol: .

Enough ramblings :D .

My avatar shows the late Len Rich in 1970 with the bike I now have - a 1958 Ariel VH

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