A Sloper Calendar

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A Sloper Calendar

Postby john.mitchell » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:33 pm

Clive Jones has sent me the following letter. To allow more time as it will not be in Cheval before Aug, I append it below. Please send me any photos you may have to my address in Cheval or use the pm option and I will pass them on to Clive

"Dear John,
Christmas is coming, 6 full months left on the calendar before the new year begins.
To this end I would like to produce a calendar dedicated to Ariel Slopers from either 1931 or 1932. This is just a bit of fun and has no ulterior motive. As I have three running slopers and thought this might be an interesting project.
In order to do this I need some photographs. If any sloper owner would like to be included in this project please send me a photo or photos of your Ariel. I am not fussy as to the where the photo was taken, or when, whether the bike is up and running or of just a pile of bits waiting to be put together.
Nothing comes free and as I have to get these publisher the estimated cost is under £5-00 a calendar. This is not a commercial venture and I would like to think I could get a print run of 30 calendars.
The style for those who wish to know will be A4 for the photo and A4 for the month. (it would look similar to the VMCC calendar) There will be 12 colour photos. Depending on the response to this there will be either one A4 photo of a bike or a series of smaller photos on each page. As I say, it depends on your response.
With GDPR now in place none of your details will be given to a third party.
By sending me the photos I am assuming I have your approval to publish.
Before any caption is written in relation to your photo, your approval will be obtained.
Looking forward to seeing those photos. Please send to clive@k-laundry.co.uk
Or ring me if you need to post them, and I will give you my address.
Many thanks
Clive Jones"
John Mitchell
Editor Cheval de Fer

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Re: A Sloper Calendar

Postby Bob.Murphy » Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:20 pm

I think you may need to print more than 30 - non-sloper owners (like me) would like one too please.

(I have a 1931 Panther . . . I'll get my coat . . :oops: ).

My avatar shows the late Len Rich in 1970 with the bike I now have - a 1958 Ariel VH

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Re: A Sloper Calendar

Postby fpassmore » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:18 am

Yes, I would like one as well even if postage to Canada is more I will cover it. I do have an SB31 frame, forks , tank, seat, oil tank, gearbox bits and engines (*2) but little else as yet. The search continues and perhaps by next year I will have some more pressing bikes out of the way and can start assembling. The bike was sold to Nickelson Bros in Winnipeg sidecar was added and did service with the RCMP, kind of cool history.
'51 SQ4, '37 VH500 Red Hunter, '56 SQ4 (basket case), '49 Sq4 (basket case), '48 A7 BSA Twin, too many other BSA's, Norton's, Triumph's, Ducati's and Japanese to list. Just crazed is all my problem is.

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