kg500 not charging correctly

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kg500 not charging correctly

Postby philip.butcher » Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:35 pm

Hi all hopefully someone has an answer to my non charging problems with my kg twin, it has been in storage for 7 years and when started did not charge the battery(when previously it did!),i have put new brushes and cleaned the commutator ,the output was 0.9 v! i flashed it on a 12v battery (neg earth) and it gives a healthy 9v now,you can motor it but it does not rotate very fast. still no charge at the amp meter ,changed the control box with another bike that was working ok ,the cut out was pulling in ok on tickover so i assumed that it was working at last. i went for a 10 mile ride with the lights on and it flattened the battery completely! the battery is new but only 4 ah . does anybody have any ideas.
apologies if it has been covered on previous posts philip

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Re: kg500 not charging correctly

Postby nevhunter » Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:57 am

I would suggest it's the regulator. All air gaps and tensions have to be right. I have always stuck with the "original" regulators. Yours should be the bigger one with a resistor in it. 4 ah is a bit low for the battery capacity but I've had them work with NO battery although I don't recommend it. The lights getting brighter show the gen is working .Nev

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Re: kg500 not charging correctly

Postby admin » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:56 pm

If your dynamo is installed on the bike and you join the F&D wires, and then rev the bike, the voltage should scale beyond 9v.
If it does scale beyond that, then you can likely believe the dynamo is doing it's job.

Check all the wiring for continuity, dynamo to regulator, regulator to earth and to ammeter, ammeter to battery.

If that is all good, then it must be the regulator OR the battery isn't holding a charge.
If your lights were bright all the way through your 10 mile ride, then that may indicate a battery problem.
John Nash

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