Classic Bike Insurance : A Rant.

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Classic Bike Insurance : A Rant.

Postby paul.wirdnam » Fri May 05, 2017 9:40 am

I absolutely hate this time of year; it's when my bike insurance is up for renewal. :(

Been with Carole Nash for over 30 years but have wanted to leave them for many years. But with agreed value, it's a bit like switching utility companies or banks used to be --- too much hassle.

But I finally lost it last night when speaking to what seemed like a 6 year old at Carole Nash. All I wanted to do was to remove a bike from my policy and get a revised quote. After 40 minutes, I got a quote that was virtually the same. When I pointed this out, plus the fact that a Footman James quote was over £100 pounds less, the 6 year old came back with a revised quote that was £60 less, so still more than FJ. Why can't the greedy bast***s just come up with their lowest quote first time round? Why do you always have to play off the companies quotes against each other...every year! :x

I did think about switching to FJ but their on-line quote system is rubbish. It doesn't list 2 of the 3 Ariels I was trying to insure and when I phoned, they were not much help and generally seemed un-interested.

This story has a happy ending. I have read good things about Peter James Insurance, so gave them a ring this morning. Very helpful lady and in less than 10 minutes, I had taken out a very competitive policy for the 3 Ariels and had received the documents by email. And if I want Agreed Value, I just fill out the Condition forms, get them certified and send them back ... with no additional premium.

The contrast in dealing with these three companies was stark. Hope to be with Peter James Insurance for many years to come.
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Holder of a Waxed Cotton Anorak
Holder of a Waxed Cotton Anorak