cammy engine bits

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cammy engine bits

Postby jerry.mortimore » Fri Jun 04, 2021 3:15 pm

I am on the scrounge for some small parts for the engine on my 1935 cammy Square 4. Either usable or something I can copy would be a help.
All the bits that go round the oil filter -
2081-33 Oil feed plug and pipe to the centre gear case.
2151-33 Body for the oil pressure relief valve. (complete pressure relief valve assembly if possible)
1509-33 Oil pump valve inspection plug for the crankcase.
Rocker box oil feed union in the crankcase, number unknown.
For the cylinder head -
1015-31 Oil baffle body.
1016-31 Oil baffle gauze
1018-31 Oil baffle union
1019-31 screw.
I could also do with the magneto drive sprocket, on the half-time shaft. I have one but it is a bit corroded.
Thanks, any help appreciated.
1935 cammy Square, 1938 VB, brace of 1950 MkI Squares, 1959 MkII Square and several Ariel and Fleet pushbikes.

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