Armours exhaust pipes and silencers

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Armours exhaust pipes and silencers

Postby daveleek » Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:21 pm

I ordered a set of MK 2 Square Four down pipes from Armours [to go with the pair of silencers I bought last year from them] on the 8th June and received them yesterday , I thought that was pretty good from the UK to Holland ,carriage was 18 quid . I expected to do a bit of fettling ,but no the pipes fitted perfectly and when I fitted the silencers they lined up perfectly , chroming is good , the welds on the branch are TIG and are very neat , and the brackets on the silencers Ime sure are brazed on , very well . I have had so many bad parts recently that it really is satisfying to get something of quality ,
I Emailed Armours to tell them how happy I was .

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