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Posting your personal information

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:54 pm
by admin
Parts of this forum are viewable by anyone with a computer.

The parts that aren't publically viewable, can only be seen by those whose names are in red and these are people who have told me that they are AOMCC members:

It is your choice whether you post your personal data on the forum BUT be aware that anyone can read it and decide to SCAM you out of your parts or your money.
It surely doesn't need me to tell you that the Nigerian president is not going to give you millions of pounds and neither are you going to get an Ariel SQ4 from darkest Peru, for a tenner.

The AOMCC is not liable for any transaction that is initiated from this forum but we are certainly advising you to treat the internet as a dangerous place.
You should be aware that offers of help can come from unreputable sources and as such, you should satisfy yourself as to the genuine nature of any offers of parts and not to part with money until satisfied.
If you don't use paypal, or similar, with a' moneyback' assurance then you should investigate this.

As always, if you are an AOMCC member and need some advice then my email address is below and my phone number is in Cheval.