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Anorak awards

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:56 pm
by john.nash
You may have noticed that some of us have "anoraks" under our forum usernames.
These are automatically awarded when you reach the required number of foum posts
I won't reveal the number of posts or what "level" of anorak you get .... (it's a surprise).

For those that don't know:

".. An anorak is literally a hooded waterproof coat, and the slang term was originally applied to trainspotters - people whose hobby is hanging around railway stations, monitoring the arrivals/departures of various trains and writing down their serial numbers in little notebooks. Their hobby requires them to wear suitably draught-proof clothing and an anorak and trainspotting came to be synonymous with each other.
By extension it has become applied to anyone with an obsessive interest in a subject that is too technical or boring for anyone else to know much about..."

You may find references to people working towards their "golden anorak" on this forum (which may indeed be an award :D )