Entering logbook details

Post EBAY or other information of "potentially" dodgy logbooks/registrations
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Entering logbook details

Postby alan.moore » Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:04 pm

This section of the forum is intended for entry of the details of any logbooks / registration documents for Ariels that turn up on Ebay or any other online source.

Members can search this section of the forum and maybe reunite documentation with motorcycles that they own.

It will also give owners and the Club Registrar a heads up that something may be 'fishy' in the event that a motorcycle bearing details from an 'Ebay' logbook comes up for sale, or for inspection in order to obtain an original registration number from DVLA

To try and keep a 'standard' format to the postings entries should be made as follows:

1. Start a new 'Topic' for each Registration number entered

2. Enter the 'subject' description as: Registration number, model, year of registration

Then enter as much detail as possible from the logbook / document you have found. Include where you found it. Any missing numbers/letters should be replaced with an # to show that info is missing.

Posting a link to the original EBAY listing would be helpful, as would an image of the logbook. (If you go into the eBay post, open the image by left clicking on it to get it to maximum size, then right click on it and then save it to your computer and then you can attach it to a forum post)

Don't worry if you cannot enter the link or image, someone else will sort that out but make sure you provide details of where you found the info.

If you want to comment on any of the entries...maybe you know of the bike / have further info...just reply to the relevant post as normal

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